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Life, Love, Finally.. Depression

me-4.jpgI have always wondered if I stood before my maker and had one question that I was allowed, what it would be.

What is the meaning of life? I suppose that would be the popular question for most. Don’t we know? Haven’t we all at this point found some meaning in life? Whether it is to please with our music or to enthrall with our stories or simply to love and be loved, isn’t that the meaning of life? Doesn’t life itself dictate meaning?

Maybe it would be, What is love? Love is something that you have no choice in. It grabs you and takes you into it’s hands and gently molds you into what you are supposed to be. In the book, The Prophet, by Kahlil Gilbran, he says that if you choose not to celebrate love, you will laugh, but not all of your laughter and you will weep, but not all of your tears. There is also something about grinding and thrashing that I can certainly relate to.

Maybe the question is, What shall I do with my life. Each of us is born with a certain talent. We must first recognize that and nurture it. Stifled talent will only buldge somewhere else when you least expect it. If we believe that we have no talent, we need only to look to those who love us and ask them what our talent is. They will tell us post haste.

In matters of honesty, it comes from the heart and not from physicallity. You cannot drive up to the front of a hotel in your Mercedes and honestly say you hope no one saw you. Get real, and stay that way.

In the matter of riches we are told that we are rich in heart, spirit and soul none of which can be consumed if we are hungry. Money is only evil when used in an evil way. Still it is the illusive butterfly we all seem to chase through life and we always think that life will never end until we find it, but it does.

Depression is very popular in many circles today. Depression only comes when we set goals for ourselves that are unrealistic or set goals for others that we cannot control. Depression, like happiness is only controlled by us. We are in charge but that is a depressing thought since we never seems to have the riches, love, honesty, talent or reason for life to secure happiness. How depressing is that?

In closing, the realization of our faults and our reasons for failure dwell within us. Perhaps the most important lesson in life is to understand that we alone can effect change and steer around the bumps, potholes and construction zones of our own lives, remembering that we are always a work in progress, changable at any moment.

WE are free to be the illusive butterfly, searching for the perfect flower.


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